Buyers Guide – Typhoon

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Typhoon is a limited-production 2door compact sport/utility with a difference. It’s a powerhouse performer designed to showcase a blend of performance and refinement.

For openers, under the hood throbs a turbocharged version of GMC’s 4.3-liter V6 engine. In the Typhoon, the engine is worth a whopping 2BS horsepower and 360 ft.-lb. of torque. A 4-speed automatic transmission and full-time all-wheel drive are charged with getting the power out-and they do this job well enough to get to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds.

A heavy-duty radiator with engine- and transmission-oil coolers helps keep things cool under the hood. Other standard equipment includes 4-wheel antilock brakes and P245/50VR16 high-performance all-season radial tires. An independent front suspension with torsion bars and a solid axle with leaf springs and electronic load leveling in the rear help smooth out the ride. The awd features a viscous coupling to help deliver maximum traction on any road surface, as well as enhanced cornering ability. Under normal, dry conditions, torque split is 35% front/65% rear. Refinement is provided via new standard features such as a retuned rear suspension that delivers better road feel, reduced harshness and increased lateral acceleration. Special interior appointments and options include a leather-trim power driver’s seat with power lumbar support and a stereo system with a CD player.

Price Range                    $28,500-$30,000
Body Style/Seating                      2-Door/5
Engine                     OHV 4.3-liter Turbo V6
Suspension (f/r)              A-Arm/Solid Axle
Wheelbase                                      100.5 in.
Length/Width/Ht           170.3/68.2/60.0 in.
Track (f/r)                                  57.7/58.0 in.
Brakes (f/r)                        Disc/Drum, ABS
Tires                                       P245/50VR16
Min. Curb Weight                           3800 lb.
Max. Cargo Capacity                67.2 Cu. ft.
Ground Clearance                             7.1 in.
Max Towing Rating    Not Recommended
Fuel Economy (City/Hwy.)      15/19 mpg
Restraint System             Active Seatbelts