1993 Buyers Guide

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Car and Driver


This wagon started life as a GMC Jimmy but it has the 280-hp drivetrain of GMC’s killer 1992 Syclone – pickup under a black or white monochrome surface. This is not a sissy truck; it’s the fastest sport-utility vehicle you can buy. The emphasis is on sport, and there’s even a little sticker above the rear-view mirror that advises owners not to take this four-wheel-drive truck off the road, lest they damage the enormous high-performance exhaust system and other expensive components. Those include a four-speed automatic out of a Corvette, and the full-time four-wheel-drive transfer case that you’ll find in the Safari and Chevy Astro minivans and the Oldsmobile Bravada yuppie truck. The Typhoon rides better than the departed Syclone. And the front seats move back farther, so tall drivers will be more comfortable. Cargo capacity is just 900 pounds.

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