GMC Flies on the Salt

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  • Post last modified:06/30/2024

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GMC Syclone LSR Land Speed Record

Take a good look at this truck, because a still photograph is about the only way you’re going to get a good look at it. Why? Because this is GMC’s record-holding Bonneville racer, and usually it’s nothing more than a blur, followed by dust devils of snow white salt. As you know, GMC already garnered the world’s fastest pickup award last year in an S-15, and now they’ve done it again, posting a two-way speed of 204.145mph in a new Cyclone LSR. The record was set in FIA category A-Group II-Class 9 for production vehicles with an engine size of up to 5.0 liters, and the truck was piloted by land speed veteran Don Stringfellow. For this year’s attempts, the truck used BF Goodrich speed-rated Comp T/A street radial tires, with power coming from a 5.0-liter V6 engine. Now that’s haulin’ ….salt!