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Syclone LSR Land Speed Record

If Your Truck Looks Like It’s Doing 200 Sitting Still, Perhaps You Should Consider The Brand Of Tires That Has Already Been There.

BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS—You’re past the lights at over 200 mph and the rear end begins to sway.

You keep your foot down. At 200 mph brake pads turn to cinders. It takes a parachute just to slow you down. So you hold on. And steer. And pray that nothing gets in your way.

On October 18, 1990, a GMC Syclone S-15 pickup set two official land speed records: 204.076 mph for the flying kilometer and 204.145 mph for the flying mile. 

Even more astonishing, it did so, not on specially built racing tires, but street-legal BFGoodrich Comp T/A R1 tires, a specially compounded, reduced tread-depth version of the Comp T/A ZR tires you can buy. For your truck.

“The tires worked extremely well,” says longtime Bonneville record-setter Don Stringfellow. “You have to realize there’s virtually no traction available out there, so I’m used to making runs on racing tires specifically designed for that surface. The Comp T/A tires worked every bit as well, if not a little bit better.”

If your truck looks like it’s going 200 mph standing still, choose the brand of street tires that has already been there. And has the land speed records to prove it.