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GMC’s Syclone is more than a repackaged S-15 pickup. It’s actually a repackaged ZR-1 Corvette— designed for the express purpose of fooling the cops, parents and especially insurance companies. Under the trick skin lies a turbo-charged, 4.3-liter V6 with enough power to literally waste anything that dares get along side of it. Offering up an astounding 280 horsepower @ 4400rpm and 360 foot-pounds of torque @ 3600rpm, you get the feeling that a bunch of Hi-Po happy engineers at Buick jumped ship and came over to GMC just for an opportunity to go fast again. (You do remember the Grand National, don’t you?) Actually, the Syclone was developed by only a handful of young enthusiastic engineers at GMC who somehow managed to get past the bean counters and the legal departments to come up with a package which will undoubtedly send the division to new heights before the end of 1991. They are in the process of producing the kind of raw acceleration that even Chevy’s mega-buck. “try-and-get- it-insured” ZR-1 can’t keep up with. For example. 0- 60mph in five seconds flat, and quarter-mile figures like 13.16 @ 100mph! Here’s some more good news. Unlike some of GM’s limited production street missiles, GMC has every intention of mass producing enough Syclones so street freaks from coast to coast won’t have to worry about price gouging. Selling for around 23-25k (We’re still waiting for the final pricing information), it’s the performance enthusiast’s dream come true. This time, though, it’s a truck.

GMC enters the 1991 model year with the fastest production vehicle available from any car, er… truck company. With a 280-hp Turbo V6, the Syclone turns low 13-second ETs @ 100mph!