1991 GMC Syclone Brochure

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GMC Syclone


GMC Truck introduces today’s technological brainstorm, the new SYCLONE. This truck moves in the spirit of the muscle cars of the 1960’s but with the technology of the ’90’s! It’ll go from 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds and loves every second of it. Recapture your youth with the new SYCLONE, made in the USA, made for the 90’s and made for you!

SYCLONE is a performance enthusiast’s dream come true. SYCLONE’s high technology shows in the quarter mile time of 13.4 seconds with its high performance 4.3L (262 CID) turbo-charged/intercooled Vortec V6 with multi-port fuel injection. It pours a whirlwind of 280 beautiful horsepower through a special sport calibrated smooth shifting four-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter clutch with lock-up overdrive. Power is then transferred to the Full Time on road All Wheel Drive. Here’s the best part … it’s affordable, it’s less than one-half the price of a Porsche Carrera II. And if we haven’t got your attention yet read what the Sport Truck and Automotive Enthusiast Press have to say about Syclone.

“With the Syclone, GMC has taken the most significant step of any manufacturer on transforming the pickup into a true sport truck… The Syclone may be the most significant performance vehicle built in the last 20 years … (GMC’s) assessment of performance minded buyers is deadon target … always give the maximum bang for the buck and you’ve got a friend (customer) for life!” Hot Rod Magazine, October, 1990

“Ask people to name the fastest quarter- mile factory produced machine on this continent in the last 10 years? We’re here to tell you that the ’91 GMC Syclone holds the title hands down. There are no other contenders.” Car Craft Magazine, October, 1990

“GMC’s Syclone is more than a repackaged S-15 pickup … it’s the performance enthusiast’s dream come true.” Popular Hot Rodding, October, 1990

“There are no disappointments. It’s safe to say the Syclone is the most revolutionary truck produced since the ’57 Chevy Cameo.” Hot Truck Magazine, October, 1990

“So, is the Syclone the ultimate production pickup? … It’s the closest thing we have right now.” Sport Truck, October, 1990

“Performance is no drag for Syclone, which clocked 0-60 in (4.6) seconds and took quarter mile in a best-run (13.4) at (103) mph.” Autoweek, October, 1990

“Step into fantasyland for a moment. Imagine a machine that can accelerate from 0 to 30 mph quicker than a Porsche 959. Imagine it running the quarter-mile in (13.4) seconds at (103) mph. Imagine it with full-time four-wheel drive and standard antilock brakes. And, just to make things really interesting, imagine that it looks like a pickup truck.” Car & Driver, November, 1990

Think of Syclone as a friendly street machine that is not temperamental It starts easily in hot or cold weather. Drive it like your regular pickup or automobile. Then on any day at the track you can flex the muscles of Syclone in individual time competition. Here’s the place for superior performance. Go from 0 to 30MPH in (1.4) seconds or from 0 to 60 MPH in (4.6) seconds. Further acceleration places Syclone at the quarter mile in (13.4) seconds.

Instruments: The leather wrapped steering wheel design configuration permits a full view of the high-mount gage instrument panel. Gages are easy to read and understand. They consist of a Fuel, Temperature, Oil Pressure, Voltmeter, Speedometer, Tachometer and Turbo Boost (inlet manifold pressure). Looking up provides a wide view of what’s directly up front through the 1138.5 sq in windshield. Other Important Standard Driving Aids Include: Driving Lights; Tilt Steering Wheel; Multi-function Switch with Electronic Cruise Control; Windshield Washers and Intermittent Wipers; Utility Shelf for Personal Items; and a Glove Box With Lock Driving Environment: Large standard fresh air heater and air conditioner provide temperatures at the driver’s selection. Defogger outlets keep windshield and side windows clear. Power Windows and Door Lock add to driver convenience. Inside air is exhausted through louvers in both doors keeping the air moving.

Interior: Two large back hugging bucket seats in black cloth are trimmed with a bright red piping and a red embroidered “Syclone” is on each seat back. Automatic inertia locks control forward travel of seat backs. Individual lumbar support inflation controls are provided. Floors, cowl areas, inside back of cab and door kick panels are carpeted. Shoulder and lap safety belts are provided for each passenger location. A console with shift lever for the 4-speed automatic transmission also provides storage space and holders for two cups. Additional storage is found in each door pocket. Doors are tastefully tailored with fabric and vinyl to compliment the interior. An overhead grab handle is provided for the passenger seat location.