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GMC Sonoma

GMC SONOMA The Japanese had better hang on to their funny little cowboy hats, because General Motors wades the mini-pickup waters like a samurai in search of a breathless maiden. The GMC Sonoma is charged with righteous indignation at the inroads made by, as Detroit would have us believe, those little pissant Oriental pick-’em-ups. The General wasn’t likely to stand for such shenanigans for long, and when he came stomping in, he came outfitted with some yen- good and very shiny trucklets under his arm. Handsome without the gaudiness that’s characterized numerous big pickups, the smaller Sonomas still manage to carry some pretty impressive loads while offering far superior driving characteristics, a choice of two- or four-wheel-drive versions for conditions from swell to hell, and even the option of a roomier extended-cab model. Or, if you want something that can outrun a ZR-1 Corvette to 60 mph—on dry and wet pavement—the turbocharged Syclone model could be your truck. We tried it, and it really is that fast.