Who Says The Syclone Can’t Tow

GMC Syclone Towing Boat

This all-new Syclone delivers both versatility and performance. It has an intercooled, turbocharged 4.3L V6 engine that puts out 285 horsepower. When properly equipped, Syclone also has a 2,000-pound towing capacity (including trailer, cargo and passengers). Syclone offers you cutting-edge performance and technology, and equipment designed to aid driving safety. Like a four-wheel anti-lock brake system and the all-season confidence of all-wheel drive, among other things. With its performance, trailer-towing capability, and all-season versatility, Syclone carries respectable EPA mileage estimates of 17 MPG city, 23 highway. And with an MSRP of just $25,500 it’s a downright steal. Get the versatility of a pickup truck. And performance you never expected from any truck. Call 1-800-SYCLONE today.