Syclone Unleashed

Motor Trend

Since taking delivery of my ’91 Syclone, I knew it was a special vehicle. I just couldn’t figure out its niche. It’ll beat almost anything on the road 0-60. And it looks like a pickup truck, but doesn’t do heavy loads. Recently, I was bush-hogging around my pond and got my 45- horsepower 5000-pound tractor stuck in the mud. I took the Syclone out into the field and connected it to the tractor with a large chain. The Syclone began pulling, and when the load become immense, it began to squat down and shudder as power was transferred fore and aft and side to side . Then, with the motor at 4000 rpm and about 1 inch of ground clearance remaining, it began to move and finally freed the tractor. The Syclone’s special place as a vehicle? Race car/bulldozer. Doug Johnson, Benton, Ark.

All very impressive, Johnson. But can you go into a bit more detail on exactly what “bush-hogging” entails?- Ed.