Syclone vs Ferrari?

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Yes it happened, yes it was exciting, and yes it was preceded with plenty of hype. In this issue we’ve got a great story on the Kenne Bell Syclone that has dipped quarter-mile times into the upper 11s with relative ease. We thought it only fitting to include this photo from Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colorado. The Syclone-Testarossa Challenge erupted while local businessman Louis Ficco was doting on the fabulous features of his new Ferrari parked in Fred Emich’s Auto Plaza in Golden, Colorado. Halfway through the description of his new cat; Ficco was interrupted by Emich who bet his GMC Syclone could outrun the suave Italian. The race took place in late May after much promotion and hype, and after two wins in a best of three contest, American muscle prevailed-big time! A 14.53 and 14.12 Syclone ET handily walked away from the Ferrari’s 20.44 (stuck clutch) and 15.13 ETs. The picture is worth a thousand disbelieving words.