Testarossa bester – Syclone vs Ferrari


It started as idle garage talk and wound up as a grudge match at the local drag strip. Louis Ficco, a Colorado businessman who likes fast cars, brought his Testarossa to the local GMC dealership. He was describing the cars features when Dan Emich, owner of Emich Auto Plaza in Golden, Cob., declared, “Ill bet one of my trucks can outrun it.” Emich wasn’t talking about just any truck, he meant the new GMC Syclone (AW, Oct. 1, 1990). Thus was born “The Syclone Challenge,” a drag race contested at the local quarter-mile venue. Would it be close? “No contest,” boasted Emich. Ficco was less certain about the Ferrari “Well, it’s nine times more expensive.” When the tire smoke had cleared, the Ferrari’s time was 14.11, the Syclone’s 13.77. GMC: performance and luggage space.