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Sport Truck


We made our Top 10 selections before it debuted in GMC showrooms, but the Syclone was the easiest pick. We can honestly state—even with limited time in a few prototypes— that the Syclone is the ultimate street truck. It’s the most dramatic development of the same marketing principle introduced with the ’55 Chevy Cameo: making trucks more car-like. GMC took a bolder step by designing its Sonoma truck to drive more like a sports car. The Syclone is an all-wheel-drive, turbocharged pickup with gran turismo body styling and interior comfort. Acceleration is equal to, if not quicker than, a ZR-i Corvette, and in our opinion, the Syclone is the best handling pickup ever manufactured. With GMC Truck taking more chances than its big sister Chevy, we expect even more performance out of the Syclone in the future to uphold its Top 10 ranking.