1991 Truck of the Year

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Motor Trend

MC has redefined the sport truck with its new whirlwind-on-wheels, the Syclone. This S-15 Sonoma pickup features subtle ground effects, snappy graphics, and a sport interior replete with deeply bolstered buckets and full analogs. Oh, did we forget to mention power and performance? A mere oversight. Quick-stomp the pedal and you’re treated to more brute force than you’d see in the stands at a Raiders game. Credit this to a turbocharged 4.3-liter V-6 that nets an amazing 280 horsepower, enough to peg anyone’s thrill meter.

“This is a better sports car than a Firebird or Camaro in most respects,” penned one judge. Other editors drew comparisons to the 300ZX Turbo, 3000GT, and Stealth. Allwheel drive and anti-lock braking— good for a 133-foot 60-0 braking distance and a 62.9-mph slalom speed— make this sport truck stable and sticky on the road, while its substantial horsepower lends an unparalleled feeling of highway prowess. We’re talking 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds, folks. And a 13.6-second quarter mile at just under the century mark. Anyone for life at a blur?

For all its speed and road prowess, the Syclone does have its downside, reflected by low subjective scores. Judges complained about the GMC’s uncomfortable fixed seatbacks, high level of interior noise, and substantial turbo lag. The most common criticism could be summed up by one judge’s comment that “the Syclone sacrifices ‘truckness’ to go overboard on ‘carness,’ gleefully abandoning its truck heritage.” With a lightweight 500-pound load rating and no rated towing capacity, ’nuff said.