Place Your Hands On The Hood

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Sport Truck


We aren’t sure what Chip Kitchen of Madison, New Hampshire, does for a living, but if you take one look at his ’93 GMC Typhoon, it’s not hard to guess what he’d like to do. Officer Chip says that his forest-green-with-gold-flake Typhoon is one of only a few with that color scheme. It has 18 high-output strobes. a 200watt siren/air horn and a 100-watt Kenwood two-way police radio. Chip tells us that the police radio even has a read-out view screen and a scrambler. We’d bet that no one speeds in Chip’s neighborhood. He says that the 35th Anniversary Corvette in the photo is his, too, but we don’t believe him. It probably belongs to an unsuspecting motorist that he’s pulled over. The folks of Madison must sleep better knowing that Chip is on patrol.