Sound Challenge: Competitor of the Month

Auto Sound & Security


Support from parents is something every kid needs. It helps develop good self esteem and pride. Lucky for Adam Saruwotori because he has the full support of his father, Leroy. Full support to the tune of Leroy and Adam splitting the bill for the competition system in his GMC Typhoon.

It was actually Leroy that helped to get his son into auto sound and competition. Leroy started to develop a good ear for music and when you’re 20, you pick up on anything that your parents do that could benefit you. Gelling a full-on competition system installed in the fastest production truck made sounds like an opportunity you can” pass up.

Adam look his Typhoon to Lombard’s Stereo in Santa Maria. California. Mark Baker and Dario Bognuda designed the system. From there Dario installed all the components and even goes to some of the closer shows with Adam.

The system starts out with on Alpine 1310 CD changer controller mounted in the factory location with a 5957S changer in the center console. Signals go from there to a wild enclosure-display case in the rear.

There’s an Alpine 3402 7-band parametric EQ and a 3681 Digital Max processor just behind a clear Plexi cover. To the left and right of the processors is one JL Audio 10W1-8 sub. The processors are actually in the sub box and their output comes through vents on the back side of the cones.

In the front, two MB Quart QMl60TX midbasses are in flat trimmed door panels. In the factory dash locations are Quart QM10DMX fours and QM19.01HX tweeters. To help pull the center image up a bit, a pair of Rockford Fosgate SPT 14 tweeters were put on the back side of the rear view mirror. Rear fill is through the some model MB Quarts as what’s in the dash.

A simple 100 watts runs the entire system. A Rockford Fosgate Punch 60 runs every speaker from the midbasses in the doors to the rear fill. A second Punch 40 gets bridged into the two TL Audio subs.

For security, another Alpine piece, the 8080, covers every opening in the truck. For extra points, an extra keypad was mounted behind the factory plastic in the overhead console. By behind the factory plastic I mean that the only thing you can see are those trademark white Alpine buttons. You have to know what they do to operate it.

We first saw Adam at Elite’s event in San Diego. He was hard at work competing there and has been since. He took a strong second there and is going at it hard because he wants to earn a spot at this year’s IASCA Finals. Best of luck to you, Adam.