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Pikes Peak Syclone

The Peterson family wowed the crowd at last year’s Pike’s Peak hillclimb when they screamed their two-wheel- drive GMC truck to third place against 4WD vehicles in the “F” class. For 1991, the Peterson family has a trick up their collective sleeves. They’ve worked a similar kind of magic on the ungodly GMC Syclone.

Now that the team is campaigning an all-wheel-drive, turboboosted performance truck, they should laugh all the way to the top of the mountain. Son Rob will pilot the new Syclone, while another son, Brett, will manhandle last year’s truck. The ace in the hole, however, is the possibility that their father, Frank, might be able to sit behind the wheel of a second Syclone. The team is working hard on a sponsorship deal that would allow a three-truck effort. That should be something to watch for.