What’s Next For The Syclone?

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  • Post last modified:07/01/2024

Sport Truck

While most of the truck industry is focused on the awesome performance of the GMC Syclone, which is just starting to show up on the streets, already GMC Truck is looking ahead. In fact, GMC Truck designers are working on the next-generation Syclone. The new design might be introduced as early as the ’93 model year. A company representative has described the truck as wild-looking and said that GMC will take the truck concept another step forward.

The design, which is reportedly being created by the same stylists who designed the new Saturn cars, is said to contain several intriguing elements, such as a Saturn-like front-end treatment, a Testarossa-like rear-end treatment, flaring fenders and possibly a sportside bed.

We had automotive-design visionary Duane Kuchar create this sketch of what the next-generation Syclone might look like.

GMC Truck reps have said that they want GMC to become known as “the performance technology leader” in the truck world. With ideas like this floating around, we would say GMC is headed in the right direction.