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Super Chevy

Remember all those stories you heard as a kid about white-coated GM engineers hitting Detroit’s Woodward Avenue to test their latest toy? Well, they may not cruise the Motor City anymore, but they still bolt together an unusual assortment of ‘What ifs”—and one place you might spot something just the other side of strange is at a Parts Plus Super Chevy Show. We offer, for your perusal, this pair of seemingly stock sheetmetal silhouettes, both of with tripped the lights at the Phoenix Super Chevy Show in anything but factory-maculated fashion. Built by the Chevrolet Raceshop, the two vehicles— an S-10 pickup and a new-for-’94 Impala SS—sported equipment you won’t find at the dealership. The Impala SS is powered by a 502cid crate motor with direct-port fuel injection, while the S-10 relied on a Corvette LT-1 and the four-wheel-drive system from a GMC Syclone to twist the 17-inch Corvette rolling stock. The truck also features a complete Syclone interior, special additions to the Impala SS cockpit include a console shifter and complete gauge package. How did they do trackside? The Impala turned in a 14.13 at 97.71 mph, while the lithe red pickup cranked off a 14.01 at 96.04—both efforts taking place in the Arizona heat. And while you won’t see these trick rides in a dealership anytime soon, both appeared dose enough to reality that it wouldn’t take much to package them for production!