Flash! GMC Sets New Speed Record-204.145 mph

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Flash.1 GMC Sets New Speed Record~
204.145 mph
er at 7200 rpm and 412 lb-ft of torque at 6000
rpmā€”just a tad over the 4.3’s 160 hp.
At the hands of veteran Bonneville driver
Don Stringfellow, who drove last year’s recordbreaking
GMC, the Syclone LSR turned over
7800 rpm while making the fast passes.
“There’s a dent in the floor now,” a happy
Stringfellow told Gale Banks, who managed
the record attempt with other members of his
Gale Banks Engineering team.
In setting the record, the truck made a pass
down the salt flats at over 210 mph, but a slower
run in the other di-
Just before we went to press, a modified
GMC Sonoma Club Cab pickup set a new
land-speed record of 204.145 mph in the flying
mile at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. A simi-
Ia r GMC truck, with a distinctive ” sa It sp Ia s h”
paint scheme, set a 194.770-mph record a
year ago (” 1 94-mph GMC,” April ’90).
The truck, called
the Syclone LSR by
GMC Truck Motor-
sports, was powered
by a naturally aspirated,
gasoline-fed, 90-
degree V-6 engine
that was enlarged
from 4.3 to 5. 0 liters.
The engine’s power
output is estimated at
nearly 550 horsepowrection
brought the
average down to just
over 204 mph. (A twoway
average is necessary
for a record under
the sanctioning
body’s rules.)
We’ll have more information
on the truck
and the speed record
in our January issue.